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Hi! I wanted to share a little bit more about me with you. I come from a family full of teachers. Most of us teach math and we have some art in there as well. I don't know anything other than school! I have been in a school setting my entire life! I love the fact that teaching allows you to be creative and a lifelong learner! I am always learning something new from my students.
I received my Bachelors degree in Early Childhood Education, May 2009. I finished my Masters degree in Teaching and Learning-Instructional Improvement in July 2012. I completed my Education Specialist degree in Curriculum and Instruction in July 2013. I am highly qualified in Early Childhood Education(P-5), Middle Grades Mathematics(4-8), and Gifted Certified.

I am in my 11th year teaching. I have nine years of experience in middle school math and one year of teaching 4th grade Math and Science. I am now back in middle school teaching 6th grade math. I'm very excited for this year and what it will hold!

I live in south GA where the weather is gorgeous! I love to read books and be outside. One of my favorite things to do is anything that involves creating something. When Pinterest first started, I never thought I could be in love with DIY projects, but that is what I spend my free time doing. Our house is always doing something, and my husband and I are always "fixing" something.

I am married to an amazing man and the best father of two beautiful children! I could not have been more blessed meeting him! Our days are full of chasing two spunky and insanely smart kids. We also have two very active labs who still don't understand why we can't swim all day. I know these days will soon pass where all I can think about is coffee and sleep but for now I'll still rock my babies and stare in awe at how they get more beautiful with each passing nap.

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If you have any questions please email me at activityaftermath@gmail.com

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