Secondary Halloween Activities

I love the fall! I am definitely a fall clothes kind of girl (but I love summer weather!). It is still over 85 degrees down here in the South so fall clothes won't be coming out anytime soon.
One thing I do love to do is decorate my classroom for Fall! I have a super simple wreath I made for my classroom door. I'm better at changing out my classroom door hangers/wreaths than I am at my own house. Step 1 is to duct tape a foam tube or pool noodle together. Wrap ribbon or strips of fabric around and hot glue every now and then to hold it down. Hot glue some flowers to the edge and tie a ribbon onto the top. I got the glitter Spooky hanger at Hobby Lobby. Super easy wreath that will last me years!
I did an easy spiderweb design over one of my eyes last year for Halloween. This is a super easy way to add some Halloween Flair as a teacher! Use some darker eye-shadow on your eyelids and then draw the spiderweb onto your eye, forehead, and cheeks with eyeliner! Draw the lines spiking out first and then connect with the curved lines. My sweet boy was a pumpkin last year! 

October can seem pretty busy with Homecoming football games, Red Ribbon Week, Fall Breaks, Writing Tests, Parent Conferences, Incentive Days, etc. One thing I like to have for these days that seems to have a constant interruption is my Coordinate Graphing Mystery Pictures. I have three different ones that work great for students and the fall. I had a student request that I create Jack from the movie The Night Before Christmas (which is now on Netflix! *as of 10/7/2017). This is not an easy mystery picture and is one of my more challenging pictures. This picture would work great for your higher-level learners or high-school students.
Click here to get this for your students!

I also loved the Movie Maleficent! This witch is a perfect fit for Halloween. If you need emergency sub plans or something to have as a reward for students you can check out my Math Movie Questions to accompany the movie Maleficent. Click here to check those out!  I also have a Witch Coordinate Graphing Mystery picture that goes great with the movie as well!
Click here to get the Witch Mystery Picture

One of my favorite Coordinate Graphing Picture is my Monster which is perfect for Halloween. Click here for my Math Movie Questions to accompany the Movie Monsters, Inc. 
Click here to get the Monster for your students!

I hope you and your students have a fa-BOO-lous Halloween!

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