Free Redbox Code Free Printable Christmas Tag

Are you needing a quick gift for your neighbors, teachers, friends, and family? Did you wait until the last minute like I always do! Our family loves movies! I love the idea of a movie night because it brings the family together or is a great date night!

I give a Redbox code(or more!) to each of my child's teachers. It is an inexpensive way to show your appreciation and it makes a very quick and easy gift! Go to the Redbox website and purchase however many codes you need. I have them sent to my own personal email. Simply print the tags and write one code per tag. There are 6 tags per page to save paper and they fit very nicely into an envelope!

I write a quick thank you card or message and insert the Redbox code tag into the envelope. You can go one step further and attach it to a bag of popcorn and candy. Or make a movie night gift basket. There are tons of ideas on Pinterest. I don't want to get the wrong candy so I opt to give more codes than spending that money on candy!
There is a color version as well as a black and white. You could even have your child color the black and white version before giving!

Redbox Code Free Printable

Click the picture or here to download this FREE printable!

I hope you enjoy and have a blessed Christmas! :)


  1. If i order the 5 pack from red box do i get 5 codes? Seriously best idea for neighbors!!

    1. Hi Kristy! Yes, I email the codes to myself and then split them up as needed. I only write one code per card but I may give more than one code to one person. I'll just slip them into one envelope!

  2. Yes. If you order a 5 pack of promo codes you will get 5 one time use codes. These makes great neighbor and teacher gifts!