Easy tutorial on making DIY paper rosettes

If you are here from my previous post about making an awesome bulletin board for your school, I promise I will be quick! If you missed the post on the bulletin board click here!

How to make paper rosettes:
Step 1: Get some paper. I found many tutorials that said you need a square size, but that is wrong. I used regular copy paper. It would probably be sturdier if you used cardstock but that gets expensive....
I think the best way is for there to be multiple sizes and layers so it is dimensional. It draws your attention! I used the same color paper that I used for my bulletin board letters. It takes three pieces of paper to make a "tighter" rosette but for some of the smaller version I only used two pieces.

Step 2:
If you are starting with a rectangular piece of paper you will fold up the long side. If it's a square, it doesn't matter which side you start on. Flip the paper over and continue folding on top of the previous fold until you have finished the entire piece of paper.

Step 3: 
Fold that paper in half. You will need three of these.

Step 4:
You have now made V shapes with your three pieces. You will tape the inside pieces together. You could also use a dab of hot glue, glue dots, double-sided tape, a stapler, etc. You get the point. I couldn't find my hot glue gun so tape it was. :)

Step 5:
Now take two pieces and tape their outside edges together. You are almost finished! Grab that third piece and tape those outside edges together connecting and making a circle! 

Since I used regular paper and not cardstock, they seemed a little flimsy. I did hot-glue an index card on the back in the center to help stabilize it when I put them together for the bulletin board. I just did a quick layout on my dining room floor of how I wanted them to look and snapped a quick picture so when I am hot-gluing them up on my bulletin board I can have a reference. I've also seen where you can get poster board and have that as your starting point for gluing onto. 

If you'd like to have the Hashtag Bulletin Board Kit click here! 

That's it! You are finished! Now go make tons more so you can have a collage of paper rosettes that make a great backdrop! I'd love to see your versions if you make a bulletin board! Please tag me on Instagram @hcain11 

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