I have, Who Has..? Finding Slope From a Graph Math Game

I am so excited about this new game! I wanted to engage all my students in an activity where they were finding the slope of a linear equation from a graph. I remembered playing "I have, Who has..." games with my elementary students back in student teaching.
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I have all my students stand up in the room. This gets them up and out of their seat! I pass out the cards to each student. There are 36 cards total. If you have less than 36 students give some students two cards. I tell the students to go ahead and look at their graph on their card and find the slope of the given line. Each graph already has two points given so this helps as well! 

You can start at any card because they all loop back to each other. You can start with a card or have a student start the game. 
I set the stopwatch on my phone to time the students or you can Click here for a free Google stopwatch. 
As the teacher, find the card that you are going to start with, on the Answer Key. You can follow along on the key to make sure the students are correct. If the question doesn't match the answer key then that student is incorrect. 

They love competing with other classes to see who can get through the loop the fastest. You really have to pay attention and know your card's slope! Our first run took about 7 minutes. The second run was only 3 minutes! You can also write the times from each class on the board and give a small incentive to the class who can do it the fastest! Have fun!

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