It's Christmas Time!!!!
I love this time of year because it seems like everyone really gets into the Christmas spirit! Being a middle school teacher, it can be hard at times with what to fill those days with. We don't have all the fun crafts like Elementary schools do.
I am going to share some things I do in my own classroom that serve as double duty! I love having my students work on Coordinate Graphing Mystery Pictures. So much of 8th grade math and high school math involve something to do with a graph. We are about to start our Linear Functions Unit and these graphing activities serve as a great review of the Coordinate Plane. These graphing pictures use all four quadrants and include ordered pairs like the following: (-1.5, 3.25). These are not computer generated! These are hand-drawn so they turn out exactly like the picture. They are more challenging for students and I love them for that reason. I will always have students asking for another one when they finish!

One of my absolute favorite Mystery pictures I have created is "The Mean One". He looks great displayed on the wall outside my classroom! Click here to get this activity for your students!

I also have Math Movie Questions to accompany the movie "How the Grinch Stole Christmas(2000)". These two paired together will save your sanity that last week before Christmas Break. 

Here is another Coordinate Graphing Mystery Picture that I also use as decorations! My students love this popular Snowman! Click here to get this activity for your students!

There are also Math Movie Questions to accompany the movie Frozen (If you can stand the singing of "Let it Go, Let it Go!" a million times!). Click here for the Math Movie Questions.

Merry Christmas! 

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