End of the Year

The end of the Year is the most fun time in my classroom! It's a time when we feel we know our students the best. We have gotten to know those 100+ students and what they enjoy. We feel more comfortable with them and don't feel the pressures of testing. This is a time in my classroom that I feel we can enjoy some fun projects!
I have an End of the Year project that I wanted to share with you! One of my absolute favorite project is the Tessellation Project. (I secretly wish I was an art teacher sometimes!) This is a great way to integrate art into your math classroom. You can't believe how creative some of your students can be! I love seeing shy students who aren't always successful work so hard at creating a masterpiece.

Click the picture above to get this project for your students! Students are given two ways to create a tessellation design. The students are shown how to create the tessellation and then are able to create their own masterpiece from there!

Here are a few of my favorite examples from my students.

**Tip: You can also have your students create the tessellation on ceiling tiles. You can get a box at a hardware store so you don't have to worry about ruining school property. Just take down the old tiles and store in a closet in case you have to move rooms! These make a very interesting classroom decoration!  I'd love to see pictures of any projects completed!
Good Luck and Happy Teaching!

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