Standardized Testing Bulletin Board

The dreaded "testing season"......

Remember your students have an incredible amount of butterflies about the standardized testing. Remind them that yes, it is important and they definitely should take the test seriously and try their hardest. I think it is so important to remind them that this one test does not define who they are. There are so many other things about them that this standardized test will not measure. 

This bulletin board came alive because we had to take down all content related decorations to prepare for testing. Instead of covering up my walls I decided to take everything down. Staring at a giant blank bulletin board is how this came to mind. At the time I was teaching 8th graders and they were incredibly nervous about passing the test. We were taking the test on computers(which was a new thing!) and it was all very confusing and new for everyone! You could almost feel the nerves fuming from everyone with the mention of the test. 

My hope was that this bulletin board eased some of the nerves of students and the teachers as well! I do believe that testing is important to measure growth but there are SO many other things that make a child special. 

This bulletin board kit is very easy to make and can be placed in a small corner of your room, on a door, a bulletin board, etc. You simply print on whatever color paper you want and cut a straight line between the words. 

What are some words you would add to this?

Here are a few teacher shared examples below! 

Ms. Pittaluga has a great example on a small board.

I love the colors that Dana used!

Third Grade Gifts nailed her board!

Whitney's board looks fabulous!

Ellen did a review packet challenge with stickers!

Andrea did a great job!!

Quinlan used awesome wood grain paper for her board!

I love how Ms. James used a blue border to tie it together!

Michelle shared this from her daughter's school!

I love the polka dot paper Coffee & Pi used!

Love the colored pencil border Mrs. Conner used!

Brit used a space in the hallway for her display!

Sudoku Interactive Bulletin Board Pictures shared by Teachers

I LOVE seeing the creativity of teachers. Everyone is so different and takes a different spin on ideas to make it their own and to fit their classroom style and needs. I first made this Sudoku Interactive Bulletin Board back in 2014. I have tweaked it a few times after figuring out what worked and didn't work so it makes me SO incredibly happy to see how you teachers out there are making it work for your classrooms!

Here are some pictures below that teachers have tagged me in on Instagram of their versions of the Sudoku Interactive Bulletin Board. Thank you to all the teachers who have shared their amazing classrooms with me!

Ms. Hayley has a great poster version!

Ms. Megan used colorful washi tape as border!

Mr. Matt shows that even male teachers can have a colorful board!

Ms. Megan has a cute fabric banner to compliment her board! Look at all those students! 

Mrs. Manley found a small area of a cabinet that worked perfectly! The hanging baskets are a great way to store the extra pieces! 

Ms. Catherine incorporated her Harry Potter theme into her board!

Ms. Brittany used page protectors to store her extra pieces and the black border tape makes it pop!

Rocky Mountain Classroom used great colors! Look at those students!!

Ms. Welldone did a great job using tissue paper flowers to accent her board!

mrsbp_bhs used magnets on the back and put her board on a whiteboard! So smart! I love how she used different colors for the 3x3 grids! 

Ms. Campbell used a pocket chart to hold her extra pieces and space on a door for her board! shared how she uses her board in her classroom saying the following:
"Our classroom interactive Sudoku board. I have always loved Sudoku puzzles and would try to take a day each school year to teach my students how to complete one. Many of them have a first reaction of, “I don’t know how to do those. They look too confusing and they have to do with math.” I promise them that they will be able to complete one by the end of class (I always start one with the class, let those who know what they are doing take off on their own, and will continue to work through it with those that are fearful to do it on their own) and that it isn’t as math heavy as they think (a little white lie 🤫). When I saw the Sudoku board by @activityaftermath I knew that I had to have it in my intervention room. My students who tend to struggle with math or have low math confidence were really reluctant to try it, but now we are on our 3rd puzzle in a matter of a month and a few of them even told me that they have downloaded a Sudoku app on their phone. I love that it creates an interactive board for each of my classes to build upon and it is another tool that I use to trick my students into loving numbers! 😉"

Thank you so much for supporting me and sharing your classrooms! I'd love to see your Sudoku Boards as well! You can tag me on Instagram @activityaftermath or email them to me at I'll add them to this post! 

Intentional Teaching Checklist

I had the pleasure of being a guest on The EDVERYTHING Podcast: for Everything Education with Nicole and Danielle.

"Danielle and I got the chance to sit down with Hayley Cain and learn about her experience transitioning from the middle school to the elementary level and the lasting lessons she picked up having previously worked at a “failing” school. 
Hayley has witnessed first-hand how powerful decoding standards and team planning time can be, and she has taken these strategies and applied them successfully to a new school and grade level.” 
-Edverything Podcast with Nicole and Danielle
Click here to listen to Episode 11: Decode Standards Like a Pro

Below is the Checklist mentioned in the Podcast that will help guide you in your teaching to be INTENTIONAL!


Click here for more information about what awesome things Nicole and Danielle are doing and their website!

Math Teacher Gift Ideas

Gift ideas for a teacher? You may be reading this to get ideas for your own child's teacher or maybe you have a math teacher in your family. Either way, here are some real gifts that I have loved or would love to get as a math teacher! Some of these only math teachers will get. 😉

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Pencils In Bulk
Every teacher needs pencils. Don't ask if they need them because the answer will always be yes. In math, pencils get used frequently because mistakes happen! These are great pencils and come pre-sharpened which is a huge bonus! Click here or on the picture below. 

Cap Erasers
These are my favorite and have been for years! I order them every year! I do not hesitate when students ask for an eraser to hand them one of these. The erasers on pencils never seem to be gone before the actual pencil. They come in bright colors and fit every pencil. Click here or on the picture below. 

Dry-erase Lapboards
I cannot tell you how many times these things have saved my sanity. If I feel that students need a break from a worksheet or need to change the lesson up I break these out. For some reason all students will work on a math problem if they are using dry-erase markers and these boards. Teachers can put problems up on the board and have all students working while they are walking around checking their answers. Click here or on the picture. 

Dry-erase Pockets
You can also go this route with dry-erase pockets. Save paper and don't make copies for every single student. You can make a class set of worksheets or even just enough for small groups. Slide the paper into these and students can practice and show their work using dry-erase markers. These come in a set of 30 in bright colors. There is a marker holder and an eyelet so you can hang it up if needed. Click here or on the picture.

Hidden Figures Young Reader's Edition
This book is amazing! This story is based on four African-American female mathematicians at NASA who helped achieve some of the greatest moments in our space program! It is also a major motion picture! Let your math teacher add this to their classroom library! Click here or on the picture.

Math Teacher T-shirt
Who doesn't love a teacher t-shirt?! I can't tell you how many I have! There are lots out there so here are a few that I think math teachers love! Click the pictures below.

Sierpinski Triangle Wooden Earrings
Look at these super cute wooden triangle earrings! These are not only math related but actually stylish and timeless with the wood design. These would match everything! Click here or the picture below.

Math Teacher Stainless Steel Travel Mug
Every teacher drinks coffee or tea...I think? This can be used with hot or cold drinks. It has the best math quote on it which makes it perfect for any teacher! Click here or the picture below.

Amazon Gift Card
If you still cannot decide on a gift-seriously an Amazon gift card is where it is! The teacher can use this for whatever they need for their classroom. This takes the guess work out of the gift and requires no effort! Write a quick thank you note and put the gift card inside and you are done!
Click here to purchase an Amazon Gift Card

I hope this list gives you some ideas of gifts for the math teacher in your life! Leave me a comment with the best gift you've gotten(or given)! Happy Shopping!